Chet and the Committee

chet and the committeeGator By The Bay is thrilled to announce the addition of San Diego’s Favorite Good Time Swingin’ Blues and Rockin’ Boogie Band, Chet and the Committee to our 2013 musical lineup.  The committee is scheduled to perform on May 12, 2013 at 5:15 pm on The Fountain Stage.

Chet and the Committee are an energetic, swinging blues band that pour their heart and soul into every show they perform. “Our main objective is to make sure that it’s a good time for everyone” says self-described ‘terminal blues fan’ Chet Cannon.  And a good time is exactly what you will have when you attend this Swingin’ band’s performance featuring: Brother Dana Duplan, Steady Freddy Lawson, Bil Al Schneider, Cousin Judd Austin and Chet Cannon.  Grab those dancing shoes and start stretching now… there is simply no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with San Diego staple and 2010 Best Blues Album nominee Chet and the Committee.

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Triple Blues

Whitney Shay Robin Henkel and Billy WatsonGator By The Bay is proud to announce a special trio performance for our 2013 attendees by Blues artists Whitney Shay, Robin Henkel and Billy Watson.  All three artists whom are well established in their own groups will come together on May 12, 2013 at 4:50 pm on the Bourbon Street Stage.  Blending their own special talents the trio will undoubtedly create a memorable show for Gator Lovers alike.

Vocalist Whitney Shay brings her spirited, sassy enthusiasm to the rich traditions of blues, jazz and R&B. Backed up by San Diego’s Robin Henkel Band with Billy Watson, it’s three band leaders all in the same group….some may even say a Music Trifecta.  Says Henkel, “Whitney and Billy are two of the most fun performers to play with. With his harmonica Billy brings a raw core sound to the rural blues and Whitney, shoot, when she hits the stage she delivers!  Don’t miss this for anything.”

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Robin Henkel & Kellie Rucker

Robin HenkelKellie RuckerGator By The Bay is happy for the return of Robin Henkel to the 2013 musical lineup. Robin Henkel will be performing with the phenominal harp player Kellie Rucker on Saturday at 5:30 on the Bourbon St Stage and with  Whitney Shay and Billy Watson on Sunday at 4:50 PM on the Bourbon St Stage.

San Diego native Robin Henkel is a self-styled blues man, a story-teller, a singer, a musician and a performer that consistently amazes his captive audience with his unique style and sometimes unpredictable delivery. Henkel’s instruments include: guitar, lap-steel guitar, bottleneck slide, dobro and mandolin and the genre can be any combination of blues, jazz, funk, country swing, Hawaiian and Latin music. As described in his online biography: “He borrows from each of those styles when he performs and sometimes even surprises himself with the musical direction his songs take”. A two-time San Diego Music Award recipient Henkel has tapped into the acoustic music of the Mississippi Delta of the 1930s and ’40s as his muse over the years. His raw-instrument talent in combination with his blues-tales songs and his ability to make us all expect the unexpected.

With over 25 years in the professional music industry Kellie Rucker has performed bluegrass, blues and rock with legends such as: Dizzy Gillespie, Stephen Stills, Albert Collings, ZZ Top and B.B. King to name a few.  Her command of the blues harp and her powerful singing voice, combined with Robin Henkel’s self-styled blues make this duo a perfect fit for Gator By The Bay 2013.

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The Bayou Brothers

the bayou brothersGator By The Bay would like to announce the addition of The Bayou Brothers to the 2013 Musical Lineup! Bayou Brothers are scheduled to perform with Europe’s favorite Mama – Mama Tokus. The Bayou Brothers were so taken with her while on their own European Tour in 2012 they decided to import Mama Tokus just to showcase her wonderful voice, beautiful poetry and her raucous personality. They will be playing on Saturday at 3 PM and on Sunday at 1:10 PM. Expect a memorable performance.

For nearly 20 years San Diego-based band The Bayou Brother’s has been playing their music at festivals and concerts all over the southwest. Known for their bluesy Zydeco, accordion grooves and up-tempo Cajun romps they effortlessly deliver the sounds of the Louisiana Bayou to San Diego….making them a perfect fit for Gator By The Bay. Dubbed the “Music For Your Feet” band we highly recommend that you come outfitted in your best dancing shoes.  With their six piece Cajun band’s experience and enthusiasm, combined with an amazing mix of vocals, bass, guitar, rubboard, accordion saxophone and percussion…you will not be able to stop your feet from tearing up the ole’ Cajun dance floor!

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With a sound straight out of Louisiana’s dance clubs, bayou festivals and backyard crawfish boils, the BAYOU BROTHERS will rock you right on into “Fat Tuesday” with their extensive experience and endless enthusiasm to deliver a rousing, rollicking, heart thumpin’, foot stompin’ musical gumbo y’all won’t soon forget!!!

Start with a blend of accordion, keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and rubboard, add three-part harmonies, mix it up with a lot of rockin’ Zydeco, blues, R&B and that great Mardi Gras sound, toss in dazzling showmanship and a big old dance floor and you get the hot, spicy musical jambalaya that IS the BAYOU BROTHERS!!!

Jessica Fichot

Jessica FichotWhat do you get when you combine a French-Chinese-American starlet with a French Chanteuse and top-notch accordionist? Answer: Jessica Fichot.   Gator By The Bay is pleased to announce the addition of world renown French Chanteuse and Accordionist Jessica Fichot to our 2013 musical lineup. A perfect musical-fit for Gator By The Bay’s 2013 event, Fichot will be playing Friday May 10, 2013 at 6:30 pm on the Bourbon Street Stage, Saturday May 11, 2013 at 12:00 pm on the Bourbon Street Stage and again at 1:20 pm on the Bayou Grove.

Born in the United States to a Chinese mother and French father, Jessica Fichot grew up in Paris and writes and sings original songs in: French  English, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin. Currently residing in Los Angeles, California Fichot effortlessly channels her international sounds to produce a  mixture of  French Chanson, Classic Cabaret, Gypsy Jazz and a dash of International Folk music.  Whether you are a devout Fichot Fan or a First-Timer to her work we guarantee you will be mesmerized by her melodic voice, her musical talent on her blazing red button accordion and toy piano. Backed by a fiery quartet of clarinet, double bass and guitar makes this a performance you do not want to miss.

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Bill Magee Blues Band

Bill MageeGator By The Bay is thrilled to announce the addition of the Bill Magee Blues Band to our 2013 lineup. No matter how much crawfish and dancing fun you have scheduled at the fest you absolutely must make it a top priority to see the renown Bill Maggee Blues Band perform on Saturday May 11, 2013. Quite simply, you will not be disappointed.

Born in Collins, the backwoods of Mississippi in 1943, Willie (Bill) Magee grew up listening to and living the Blues. Orphaned as a teenager Bill was uprooted from his home in Mississippi to live with his brother in a one room flat in Harlem, New York. It was during this transitional time in Bills life that he discovered his love and natural born talent as a musician. While Bill’s musical start may have began slow in the beginning with him scrimping and saving for his first guitar that cost $29.99, by the late 60s his career was in full acceleration and since then he was had worked with many legendary artists including but (nearly) limited to: Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Otis Redding, and Bo Diddley.  Fast forward through the amazing years of travel and tours to the late 80s when Bill landed in sunny San Diego.  To date Bill has grown to be a San Diego staple in the local and international music scene and has consistently mesmerized us again and again with his timeless and soulful blues. It goes without saying that it is with amazing honor that we welcome the Bill Magee Blues Band to Gator By The Bay 2013.

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Mama Tokus

Mama TokusHave you experienced Mama Tokus? Whether you are a diehard fan or you have only heard the buzz about Her Greatness we highly recommend that you experience firsthand the one….the only…. Mama Tokus May 11 and May 12, 2013 at Gator By The Bay.

Meet Mama Tokus.  To simply write that she is a soulful blues and gospel singer from the south doesn’t truly convey Her Greatness . Mama is:  entertaining, an outstanding musician, edifying, funky, fresh, cheeky, hilarious, a hostess with the most-est and a poetess to boot. When she isn’t busy creating her next original act she is performing nu soul, blues and R&B tunes, nu-music-hall ditties and songs that will make you laugh. A lot.

Please don’t just take our word for it, when it comes to Mama Tokus…seeing is believing and you will be a true believer after Gator By The Bay 2013. Guaranteed.

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