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We've got some great National and Local Dance Instructors for 2014!
Here's the 2014 line-up

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Saturday Schedule

Evening Dance

11:30 AM - Creole Waltz
Dana Desimone - San Francisco

12:10 PM - Simple and Fun Jitterbug Moves
Pat Muller and Diane Peters - San Diego

12:50 PM - Fancy Zydeco Footwork (Intermediate)
Linda Francis - San Francisco

1:30 PM - Beginning Cajun
Sandy Baker & Sid Gutierrez
Los Angeles

2:10 PM - West Coast Basics
JD Daugherty
- San Diego

2:50 PM - Basic Zydeco
Karen Redding - Long Beach

3:30 PM - Intermediate Zydeco
Greg Benusa and Bunny Fite - San Diego

4:10 PM - Zumba
Shkezas - San Diego

4:50 PM - Step It Out
R&B-Zydeco Line Dancing
Lori - San Diego

Non-Stop Dance Workshops!

Friday Night
and all day
Saturday and Sunday
at the

Bon Temps
Social Club
Dance Pavilion

Swing ~ Salsa


Zydeco ~ Cajun


Line Dances

C/W 2-Step

Whiskey River Jitterbug

and more

Sunday Schedule


11:30 AM - Wiskey River Jitterbug
Cheryl McBride - San Francisco

12:10 PM - Country Two Step
Teddy & Brenda Valdez - Las Vegas

12:50 PM - Intermediate Zydeco Styling
and Hesitations
Lance T. Henry - San Francisco

1:30 PM - Introduction to Charleston
Cheryl McBride
- San Francisco

2:10 PM - Syncopations, Slides, and Playing with the Zydeco Rhythm
Dana Desimone - San Francisco

2:50 PM - Waltzing Along the Bayou
MaryLee Lykes and Deanna Whetsell - Seattle

3:30 PM - Mydeco
AJ Gibbs - Long Beach

4:10 PM - Fun Zydeco Moves
Pat Muller Diane Peters - San Diego

4:50 PM - Step It Out
R&B-Zydeco Line Dancing
Lori - San Diego

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