Gator by the Bay
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Food, Cuisine, Grub and Vittles

Stop by the food demo tent and learn the secrets of Southern Cooking. The chefs of San Diego Mesa College Culinary Arts Department provide professional instruction in preparing Etouffee, Jambalaya and other Southern specialties.

This stage is dedicated to demonstrations of traditional Cajun and Creole dishes for every palate plus there are samples tasting and recipe sheets to take home!

This venue has shade, folding chairs and voice amplification so everyone can catch the all important tips from our guest chefs. The Mesa College Culinary Arts Department hosts this stage and staff and guest teachers entertain and enlighten while creating each dish before your eyes.  

The Chefs relate the origin of each dish and the culture from which it evolved.   Just how does Cajun differ from Creole in the kitchen?   Why sassafras? What goes into the “trinity”? What dishes came from the Native Americans, the French, the West Africans, the Spanish?


French Quarter Food Court….
Boiling 10,000 lbs of Crawfish!

Crawfish at Gator by the bay

Mitch the Crawfish Man straight from Opelousas, Louisiana will be teach you how to eat those mudbugs like a cousin from the bayous.
All sorts of Louisiana specialties abound here, Fresh, hot, spicy, sweet crawfish boil; Crusty, complex Po’Boys; Wood Smoked grilled Hot Links; Sweet potato fries; Melt-in-your-mouth pork chops; Smoky salty red beans and rice; Jambalaya; Seafood Gumbo, Chicken Gumbo, Gator Gumbo; Gator on a Stick; Etouffee (dark or light roux); Boudin and Andouille Sausage; Hush Puppies; Corn on the Cob; Breaded and deep fried Cat fish; Cornbread; Greens; Beignets; Sweet Potato Pie; Cobbler; Pecan Pie; Pralines; Bread Pudding and more… Oh my!

Vegetarian options:

We didn't forget the vegetarians in our family. We have several vegetarian options - A little something for everyone.!

Many other Delights

Great Food at Gator by the bayIf your looking beyond the borders of Louisiana Parishes, how about delicious Thai, Island Grill featuring Jamaican cuisine, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Fries, Tri-tip, Pulled Pork, Crepes, Funnel Cakes, homemade Ice-Cream, Kettle Corn, Choc-Kabobs (fruit meets dark or light chocolate) and many more fresh, gentile and delicious dishes to nourish any festival guest.


Add Lemonade, Sodas, Beer, Wine, Ice water, Fruit smoothies, or Chicory Coffee, Sunshine, Big Bay breezes, Straw bales, joyful music, an overall Louisiana inspired laid-back vibe and what have you got?  Well, we think you have a wonderful way to spend a memorable part of your Mother’s Day weekend….at Gator By the Bay!

City San Diego Arts & Culture Financial support for Gator By The Bay is provided in part by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture and the County of San Diego.

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