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Bayou Grove Cultural Experience

Cupped by ivy and thick shade trees the Bayou Grove holds the most personal of Gator By the Bay’s cultural experiences.  In the shade, among straw bales and foot paths, sits a small low stage where headlining Louisiana musicians come to share their craft, answer questions and demonstrate their instrument.

Located mid-festival this spot gets the benefit of being far enough from either of the two large main stages, the Bayou Grove Stage provides a unique experience of its own.

Are you

  • curious about the difference between Cajun and Zydeco music?
  • wondering where the term “zydeco” came from?
  • trying to figure out the chord progression of your favorite Cajun waltz?
  • interested in what traditional life is like in Southwest Louisiana?

If so, then you want to be sure to check out the Bayou Grove Stage, an intimate venue where you can get up close and personal with the musical
heritage and culture of Louisiana while relaxing among the sun dappled shade of eucalyptus and oak trees.

At The Bayou Grove, our headlining musicians share their craft, answer questions from the listeners, recount stories about the culture of the Louisiana bayous and prairies, and demonstrate their instruments in a workshop-type environment. Everyone is invited to gather ‘round, settle onto straw bales, and enjoy the opportunity to interact with the musicians on a more personal level.

Be sure to check the schedule and make a plan to visit this emerald jewel!

Gator by the Bay has been recognized as an official ambassador of the State of Louisiana since 2012!

Gator by the Bay is an official ambasidror to the State of Louisiana

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